Model: (Click to see more) 58611: Honda City Turbo
Status: Runner
Date: 25-Feb-2016
Comments: 5
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I seem to be developing a Honda habit!! ;-)
Can't resist these cars - they're cute and charming and lots of fun to build and run.

I wanted a different look for this one. I've always liked the Lancia Delta Integrale, especially in Martini livery. RallyeBaz has already built one in white, so mine had to be red instead.

The decals are home-made so they're not perfect, but good enough for me (and easy enough to replace if they get mangled!!). It has the usual hop-ups - steel pinion, bearings, oil shocks, plus alloy gearbox brace and wheelie-bar wheel (both repainted) and a basic light kit.

The interior is basic but I'm pleased with the crew. I'm not 100% sure about the seat-backs but I think they look ok. I may try to add a little more detail to the interior in future.

Overall I'm really pleased with how this one looks, hope you like it too.



If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Holy Grail number 3!!




Good job Rob. Yeah, it seems that you are getting addicted to Honda City Turbo, well, also to Wild Willy, but we like your creativity, at least I do.

Crash Cramer


That is sweet and attention to detail, WOW. I have my eye on getting one of these, fingers crossed.

Grumpy pants


Another Wee Beastie to add to the Wheelie clan. It looks great Rob.

Mr duke


oh wow!!! loving this reallllllyyyyy niccceeeeeeee!!!



I love it! ...and the crew are perfect!

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