Model: (Click to see more) 58592: Rock Socker
Status: Extra info
Date: 1-Apr-2016
Comments: 4
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Just finished this rock socker with the Toyota land cruiser body I bought the body set paint extra bearings and a 20kg servo and it still came under the price of the cr-01 land cruiser kit no idea why the cruiser kit cost as much? This has to be one of the most time consuming chassis I've ever built and I don't know if it was me not concentrating but I made loads of stupid little mistakes I think I spent more time taking it apart than building it!, I'm a patient person but a few times I had to just walk away from it! Anyway just put the final bits on it a CR tuned motor and the mtroniks rock c ESC and I'm thinking it's cool again!




Nice color moffman! Don't sweat mate - we all have moments like that. Have fun driving it!



Looks fantastic. Great paintjob. If I ever have the chance to have one of these I'd love it to be the Land Cruiser.



Nice vehicle and nice color. I've been long time after a CR-01, most probably with Land Cruiser body, and I never thought about the possibility to get the Rock Socker and Cruiser body set to save some money. Good idea.



Yes appleby20 like I say paint, bearings cruiser body and 20kg servo still cheaper than cruiser kit and a spare rock socker body & decals which if ya like put it on eBay! I sprayed my socker body and made a total mess of it! Still don't know how I managed to do it it was only one colour?

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