Model: (Click to see more) 58611: Honda City Turbo
Status: Runner
Date: 5-Apr-2016
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Yet another Honda City Turbo!

I used to collect slot cars and had a big collection of JGTC / Super GT cars. Many of them I repainted and made decals for - it seems old habits die hard!

This one has a few hop-ups; bearings, steel pinion, oil shocks and basic lights. I've been playing around with colour-coding the alloy wheelie wheel and gearbox support on a couple of cars and I like the effect.

The decals are home-made and relatively simple but I think (hope!) they work. I'm always nervous about two-tone paint jobs, something always screws up, but this turned out ok.

The pit crew guys seem to approve, they've hired a new driver... ;)

Hope you like it (and aren't totally bored with my HCT addiction yet!!)



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If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Resistance is futile....!!




l for one will never get bored seeing your very different HCTs! and l will never get bored of this little Tamiya!

Love what you have done with this! Looks amazing! l can't believe how much l love these too! So much fun to drive and a real accurate representation of the original in its appearance! So cool and iconic! Great job Rob!



Love it Rob.

And no we arent bored of your HCT

Grumpy pants


Another belter Rob, tough to choose which is my favorite of your gaggle of HCTs.



...... i really like your build`s !!!
they always an inspiration to me
thank you !



Nice scheme, love the Senna driver!

Crash Cramer


How could we get bored of great looking work?? I could see how folks would get bored of my photos of piles of broken down parts and screws and gears and nothing being built with it all, but these are complete and cool looking cars you are making, so, well done.



Am I wrong, or this is HCT #5 in your collection?
Rob, good job. Awaiting #6 😜😜



Thanks guys! Nice to see you're not bored yet

James said it, these little cars are so cool and iconic, just so much fun to build and run. Though a pile of broken bits might be all that's left after the kids get their hands on them!!



Yup, you're right, this number 5! (one vintage, one conversion, 3 re-re.) Simon, I don't think I could pick a favourite either.

There will eventually be a number 6, and probably more! But for now I've got too many ideas and not enough cash!! Hopefully they'll be worth the wait...



Well if you ever get bored my HCT re-re body needs dressing up!



Very cool!

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