Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
Status: Kids, Family, Pets
Date: 25-May-2016
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Hello everybody,
yesterday we (my daughter Julia 10 years old and me) started her first build of a kit. We had a lot of fun and I've seen that my daughter has very good modelling skills :-) Today we have finished the Lunchbox and had a first run together with the little sister Alina (7 years) and her Pumpkin. She got it yesterday as a present from Julia.
We had a lot of fun running the cars and I felt like a young boy remembering my first runs with my RC car (58027 Ford Ranger) :-)

Enjoy the pictures. Comments are welcome as always.

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Julias Pumpkin




It's fantastic when your family joins you in your hobby. Nice built btw. Oh, and my first RC car was also the Ranger



Awesome, great to get the youth into building kits,,, not just the RTR stuff!

Crash Cramer


That is so great and that youngster resembles Vanessa quite a bit. Sure is nice to see a real original paint job on that Pumpkin too. Pass along good wishes to both those daring young ladies to play in the dirt and the mud with their fun Monster trucks.



That's fantastic Michael! Not only the trucks themselves are awesome runners, but this will also remain as beautiful memories for your little girls to go back to as time goes by!

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