Model: (Click to see more) 56018: King Tiger Production Turret ( DMD/MF )
Status: Runner
Date: 1-Jun-2016
Comments: 4
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My heavy metal snow tiger. I've had this one since 2003 and it comes out to play every time it snows. It's stupidly heavy.

Modifications are -

Wecohe gearbox upgrade (new version), Wecohe suspension, Metal tracks (closed pin type), Aluminium billet road wheels, Cast metal exhaust shields, Schumo tow-cable holders set, Schumo detail set kt0025, Schumo metal muzzle brake, Schumo driveshaft support bearing (brass type), Tankzone TIAC010 deck tools and accesories set, Schumo conical steel antenna, Schumo heavy duty track adjusters, Schumo metal tow shackles, Schumo hexagonal screw set for etched grills, Schumo photoetched grills, Schumo metal handholder set, Schumo spare track holders.




That's gorgeous, you've done a great job on it.



That is without doubt one of my favourite tanks on here.

I have a super heavy KT like yours but in Ambush scheme. I feel a winter scheme coming on.

Congratulations on a wonderfully executed weathering and whitewash.



Thanks very much for the comments chaps. Please be aware njmlondon, that it is incredibly easy to overdo the white. I believe I have gone a bit over the top here. It's not bad, but it does almost (but not quite) defeat the effort of doing the underlying camo. If you are to do it to yours I recommend far lighter coats, thinned far more than you think you need to, and even then, to leave for 24hrs before you add more just in case the white changes in intensity as it dries. You cannot be too careful. Please be warned.



Nice work. Winter whitewash looks perfect.

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