Model: (Click to see more) 58611: Honda City Turbo
Status: Runner
Date: 26-Jul-2016
Comments: 7
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Confession first - you've seen this bodyshell before. It used to be on my vintage Willy's Wheeler. But the Wheeler now has a new shell (I'll post the pics when it's finished!) so this one was spare, and that would never do...

So I built up another chassis for it. This is a vintage shell and I didn't want to drill extra holes in it for the rear body posts, so I've rigged up some 'stealth' magnetic mounts at the rear. The front body post needed to be shaved and sanded to reduce the diameter slightly too.

Now it all fits together quite nicely. So nicely that we thought it deserved a new driver ;-)

Hope you like it,



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Awesome. I love the colour you have chosen, and the comedy of these things. Makes me immediately think of that old Nintendo 64 Mario Kart game from way back. I had a lot of fun with that. Like the Damon Hill rowing-club crash helmet as well. I used to be obsessed with F1 when he was driving.



Thanks Fuijo. I think the comedy is a big part of the appeal with these (and Wild Willy models in general). They just make me smile every time. And yeah, I was a bit of a Damon Hill fan too! Those were the days...



Nice! Has an almost Calsonic Skyline HCT feel to it! Driver is on form as per usual

Grumpy pants


A great colour choice again Rob.



Thanks guys. I thought about using Calsonic Skyline decals but wasn't sure about the size of the decals. As it's not a cheap set to experiment with, I bottled out and used what I had!



Love the HCT! Love the HCT! Love the HCT!!!!!!!!

I run my HCT as often as l can! off road! On Sand! Have some spike tyres on the back of course! My point is l totally adore this Tamiya! So so much fun to drive! and looks so cool in action! Big fan! thank you Tamiya! Rob great job yours looks amazing mate!👍



That color really suits this Honda City Turbo! Love what you done with the the intakes.

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