Model: (Click to see more) 58039: Willy's Wheeler
Status: Restored
Date: 31-Aug-2016
Comments: 7
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If I had to pick a favourite Tamiya, this would probably be the one. I had one when I was a kid - it took a l-o-n-g time to save up for the kit! It was far more complex than anything I'd built before and I loved the details and just the way it looks. And the way it ran! I bashed it to death but had an awesome time with it.

This one has also taken time to put together, and some luck too. I bought the car a couple of years ago - the chassis was pretty good but the body was rough. Then late last year a friend gave me an unused, unpainted body. Yup, he GAVE me a vintage Wheeler body!! I was absolutely blown away by his generosity!

So I've taken my time because I wanted to do this as well as I possibly could, and here's the result. I'm so happy with it - just looking at it makes me grin!

Hope you like it!



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Very nice, and a top job on the shell. Are you going to run it?



Thanks Fuijo. Yes, it has full electrics and will get run - but carefully!

Tamiya Freak69


Very nice car Rob,I'm sure 1 of the nicest examples in the world.Keep up the great work!!!!

Crash Cramer


Stunning and where I think some folks opinion of the re re is not as keen as the original, I am happy to have added a RE RE to my stable of projects to do, with a twist as usual and I think I want to run mine gently as well. Wish me luck.



Thanks guys
Crash, good luck! I'm a big fan of the re-release, great fun to build and run and I think they capture a lot of the spirit of the original. I think you'll enjoy yours.
Philippe, thank you my friend. I couldn't have completed this without your help, and you know how much this one means to me.



Great work again Rob, looks perfect.




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