Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Extra info
Date: 8-Oct-2016
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I finally got my hands on a Kyosho ZXS Evo. I've spent more than 6 years looking for one of these, which isn't surprising given how incredibly rare they are. The ZXS and ZXS Evo models were the last iterations of the legendary ZXR line and were made in microscopically small quantities but were sold with huge price tags. I bought this one from an eBay seller in South Korea, it is by far the most expensive RC car I've ever bought. In fact I've bought several 1:1 cars for less!

What I need your help with is identifying it. The chassis cut outs are different from all the other images of ZXS Evo chassis I've found. At first I thought that a moronic previous owner had committed the heinous crime of modifying it by cutting out the slots in the chassis and adding the carbon fibre battery holders. I hadn’t noticed all the other differences like the additional cut outs in the chassis and the different pattern top deck. There are also other little differences in the parts fitted to the car that I simply attributed to it being upgraded by the previous owner. Then I spotted the photo on a website with two standard EVO chassis’ and the type I have fitted to my car next to them (circled in red in the photo below as well as one of the battery holders). Unfortunately I can’t read the text accompanying the photo because it’s in Chinese and online translators appear to just offer random English words when asked to perform their function! The only word that made any sense is prototype.

Have I bought an EVO that has been fitted with an aftermarket chassis or is my car a prototype?

Kyosho experts I need your help – what have I got? 



This picture took by me for several years. Yes, for now I am sure this chassis is kyosho team version. very small number just only for the competition.I almost forget this. In japan JMRCA this model only appear once. very rare.



Thank you for the information! Could the chassis parts have been made by Atlas Racing? The carbon fibre used looks the same as other Atlas touring cars I have and I saw a post on another site saying that Atlas made a hop up chassis for this model (my car's body shell also had lots of Atlas stickers on it)

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