Model: (Click to see more) 84431: Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 Jägermeister
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Date: 17-Oct-2016
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Hi everyone, I'm currently halfway building my Porsche 934 Jägermeister. I thought of sharing my idea on modifying a TA02SW 236mm to 230mm wheelbase.
To me, the 40th anniversary body (or recycled 30th anniversary) doesn't really fit well on the TA02SW chassis. The wheelbase appears stretch and the wheel arch gaps are not balanced. So I decided to experiment the possibilities to fit the shell better. These simple mods works best for me.

You'll need

10x 2.5mm plastic spacers, V plastic spacers no. 11 cva shock parts. Any other spacers will do too.

2x 18mm self tapping screws to replace 15mm screws for front lower shock mount.

Firstly, trim off 3mm from the lower arms. Do refer to the pics. After all the trimming, fit the spacers on the lower shafts, lower front shock mounts, and upper arms. Finally readjust the steering tie rods till the front wheels appear neutral without toe-in or out.

Conclusion, the car looks far better. it looks right and proportionate. Mechanically, all drive shafts, suspension movement, steering works fine and smoothly. No binding.

Hope this tutorial helps. Enjoy building.

5 1 Front & rear lower arms 1 1 Used arms are great for mods Comparison Before 4 After 6

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40th Anniversary complete




That's good info Thanks!



You are welcome.



Great work and tutorial!! I regret selling my 30th and plan on buying one of these 40th additions.



Thanks for this. I was planning to do similar to mine but now the hard part is done!



Appreciate the sharing of this great idea.



Why didn't Tamiya think of this? Thanks for sharing.



FANTASTIC! Good stuff here!



Awesome tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to detail that, will save me a lot of time working out what to do

Dojo Dave


I was thinking of doing the same thing just yesterday nice to see it works thank you It stinks when you get a hairbrained idea and start hacking and grinding, only to have to order new parts.



Great !



Thank you for sharing! Will use this for mounting the 40th anniversary 934 body on another TA-02SW chassis and mount a 911 GT2 body on the 40th anniversary chassis. Can't bring myself to do any hacking on the 40th anniversary chassis



Well, I did my conversion, before fitting any body components. When I aligned the front wheel perfectly in the arch, it turns out 230mm was too SHORT a wheelbase. I went back and removed the modifications to the rear arms and it now sits perfectly centered front and rear. I did move the body about 2mm forward of the factory dimples to get the best overall balance. So another option is just to modify the front arms and carefully align the shell. I'll upload pics in the Jager 934 thread. Just ordered another set of new rear arms



Thanks for sharing KEVINB120.


Very nice and helpfull what you did, I will do it definitely.Thanks!!

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