Model: (Click to see more) 58605: NISMO R34 GT-R Z-Tune
Status: New built
Date: 23-Oct-2016
Comments: 8
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A road car for a change! I intended to go for a slight road racer look for this, kind of like a GT3 RS, with the cage and Nitrous bottle, but still on treaded tyres and without any graphics, just a nice paint job. I wanted something a bit special and when I saw PS-46 Iridescent Purple Green the decision was made. It’s not too far of Nissan’s own ChromaFlair Mystic Green so somewhat appropriate.

I bought, painted and stickered this body last summer but abandoned the project as it wasn’t very interesting to look at compared to all the race and rally cars I’ve been doing. I’ve done bits and bobs on it this year and it was so close to finished that I finally made the push to get it done.

As most of this was done a year ago it’s missing some of the details I now do, matt window frames etc. I did add some more bits recently though like the rear heated screen and silver sections in the cockpit. I also removed the rear light stickers and painted the buckets and LEDs instead. For the grille badge I stuck it to a bit of Lexan then cut it out before mounting it on the mesh.

The chassis is of my TT-02D Type S, so it's pretty close to the 58605 model I've listed it under, unlike most of my creations which are more of a mash up. Finally the reflection of the Tamiya box on the driver door of the first pic is unintentional - just a happy accident!


• Body painted PS-46 Iridescent Purple Green

• Front splitter painted on outside of body

• MST GTR wheels (3mm offset)

• Tamiya Super Grip Radial tyres

• Black wheel nuts (MST)

• Grille cut out and mesh fitted

• Rear light buckets painted instead of stickers

• Cockpit set

• Styrene half roll cage

• Brembo brake discs and calipers

• Windscreen wipers

• Roof aerial

• Nitrous bottle

• Rear window heater elements

• Intercooler with Nismo logo

• Exhaust (Touring Car Accessory Set)

• Rear toe-in removed

• Stealth mounts

• TLU-01 LED lights

• Body lines (Kyosho 0.4mm tape)

1 What's that logo reflected in the door? 1 Awesome iridescent paint that... 1 ...Changes colour depending how you look at it 1 Rear window heater elements 1 Black mirrors and wing 1 Painted rear lights Nitrous bottle Mesh grille and intercooler MST wheels really show off the brakes 1 Tamiya Super Grip Radial tyres




Lots of nice details with the cockpit, disc brakes, and paint!



Incredible detail. I was wanting to add body lines on my cars and wondered how to do it! Just ordered 16m of the Kyosho tape. Thanks



one of the coolest Skylines love it's stance and details! great work, mate!



Superb. Amazing work again



Lovely Machine !



Like it...any plans on doing a beetle, classic or Herbie type?



Very cool, the wheels suits the GTR perfectly.



Awesome job, i love everything about it.

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