Model: (Click to see more) 58452: Sand Scorcher
Status: Runner
Date: 1-Nov-2016
Comments: 6
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Lucky times mates,
lot of things changed since my last post.
Managed to get a week off with my wife after our wedding 3 weeks ago! So after we decided to have some nice days at the west coast of Denmark, I packed my Sand Scorcher in for sure!
I recently purchased 2 new Lipos, after my old LRP flight pack has died. Running now on some Gens Ace shorties with 4200mAh. Runtime is about 40 min. with the 17,5t speed passion motor and a Sunrise 120A ESC on zero boost.
Thanks to my wife, I got some nice pics for TC and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do driving this car on the perfect beach here. On the first day I dumped the complete car in the Mole river, but luckily the RC gear survived somehow, thanks to the RC box. Nevertheless, after this week there will be an complete revision of the car to avoid deeper damages by the salt water dipping...
Greets to everyone on TC,

Digging the sand... Foam bath End of the road! Backwards! Day 3 Through the sandstorm Searching the road The RC box after cleaning The new Lipo Maintenance needed...

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Great pictures buddy . Glad to see your using your Scorcher exactly as Mr Tamiya intended Think my favourite is the ' Through the sandstorm' Cheers. Paul



Snap! Same as Paul said! He covered it nicely!👍

SRB Bloke


Great pics, and you're a lucky man to have a wife who'll let you take your SS on honeymoon trips Sandstorm pic is a great pic.



Thank you for the nice comments Paul and Mad Bee!
@SRB Bloke: Thanks also from my wife for the compliment! (-; But before blaming your wifes, I have to admit, that this week is not our 'official' honeymoon holiday, which will follow next year.



Pic 5 is a great shot of your SS ruebiracer - you should make it your header pic.



Thank you Racecrafters for the idea, maybe I really have to update my Avatar next time. Was just a quick shot back in the day.

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