Model: (Click to see more) 58045: The Hornet
Status: Restored
Date: 12-Nov-2016
Comments: 9
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This project came to me in an un-working state.

Shocks were seized (o-rings instead of pistons were used)
Battery door was missing
MSC was toast
tyres were gone...
Some rusty screws
Covered in dirt
Wheels cracked and broken
Gearbox mount shaft bent
Wrong paint used, peeling

Once loved but since been left in a shed somewhere and forgotten about!

It was cheap and I bought it specifically because of Pintopower's mods on shapeways

So a clean up and...

Sorted shocks, ordered correct pistons
Replaced MSC with ESC
Ordered Ampro battery door and gearbox brace in orange
Duck taped the tyres to hold splits together then shoo goo'ed
Cleaned and replaced rusty screws
Repaired wheels as best that I could and then sprayed silver
New gearbox mount installed
Repaired upper shock mounts D4 and D5
Repaired body, removed as much paint as possible then re-sprayed with PS-5 black
Re-re stickers installed

I have a set of grey wheels for when the originals give up

It was the third most bad condition tamiya i've restored so far
but its good to see its ready for action after all these years!

UPDATE 25/11/2016
Now fitted with a battered wing to match!

UPDATE 15/09/2020
This original hornet has been retired to the shelf, could still be run but the incoming Storm Dragon will replace it as a runner

5 Now with wing 8 As it was 5 comparison 2 As it was 12 7 5 2 Ampro shapeways! need a better pic 3 Carbornite Gregg 6 The parts from Ampro




Nice restoration, it certainly brings back memories of the Hornet I had as a kid (and still own, but modified beyond recognition).

HornetRacer 1971


A Hornet without a wing cannot fly! I will find my spare wing for you!






Great job!! Top effort on giving it a second life!! Awesome stuff to see....



Great to bring back to life! Ready for more bashing again now!!! lol. Love all Hornets!!!



Nice little project !!! thinking about purchasing one for my son, this will be his first / introduction to the world of R/C he is only 4 1/2 but think the Hornet is a good place to start



It's so hard for me to pass up a Hornet in need. Well done bringing it back and the battery and trans retaining bits look great in orange!


It's nice to see battered hornets nicely restored

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