Model: (Click to see more) 99968: Xray
Status: Runner
Date: 7-Dec-2016
Comments: 3
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Wanted one for quite a while as a replacement for my XB4 2WD, which is only good IMO indoors or on high grip astro. This will be a much better all-round car I think. At the end of the year the '16 model was on sale since the '17 version is right around the corner.

Perfect build & manual as always from Xray.

Shell painted by myself.

Thx for looking & comments are always welcome! :-)

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That's a wicked bodydesign, like the fin on the back. How long's the wheelbase of this car? Looks streched in a way. Oh, awesome painting skills you have mate, jealous!



Thx! Yeah I love the fin myself! I think the TLR 22 was the first to sport that. The wheelbase is 285mm.



Sweet looking Buggy!

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