Model: (Click to see more) 58590: Zakspeed Ford Capri Gr.5
Status: New built
Date: 7-Dec-2016
Comments: 12
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I'm a sucker for anything in the Jagermeister livery so this one was a must have. Like most of my builds this is a body I've had for a while queued up waiting to be done. I'd put this off a few times as it looked quite involving and time consuming with the four piece wing and separate wing/fender bits.

I wasn't a huge fan of this body at first but during my research I began to really like it. The real car is a hugely impressive piece of kit, having very little in common with a Capri other than the basic shape and windows. It runs 19' rear wheels and 16' fronts, something that's a bit tricky to do at this scale, as the only option for smaller fronts are the M-Chassis or TamTech which are too small.

Normally I end up widening the track in some way, but for this I wanted it as narrow as possible to allow for a lot of dish on the adjustable offset wheels, and to replicate the real car's fitment. As this car needs a 251mm wheelbase and the TT-02 Type-S I normally is fixed at 257mm I needed a suitable chassis. I only had another Type-S kit spare, but the TT-02R chassis from my 2007 Impreza had the normal reversible suspension arms so by combining the two kits this gave me a regular 251mm TT-02 and a TT-02 Type-RS with the TA arms for my Impreza.

Like the 40th anniversary 934, the kit's wheels are the BBS LM type which are about 15 years too new for the car. These MST are closer to the real thing, and look better, not having the solid spokes. The tyres are 26mm wide front, 30mm rear.

The body is painted the specified orange, backed with white, silver and then black. The manual states to mask off and paint the grille black but I just blasted it orange then sprayed it on the outside with TS semi gloss black. I've done this with splitters before and I think it makes a huge difference compared to the normal glossy look. Much more like textured plastic.

Detail wise I cut out the vent holes next to the headlights and made some ducting. I added the usual wiper, towing eye and cutoff switches, and also wing mirrors - the manual actually recommends the Celica LB Turbo items as an optional part. The body comes with light buckets but they are lexan and don't have LED holders so I found some replacements that would fit - these are from the Hi-Lux/Bruiser.

Inside there's the usual cockpit set, which I had to trim extensively and also cut out to clear the rear wheels. The roll cages on these old race cars are usually very basic so quick to make compared to a modern WRC or DTM cage. It was quite hard to find reference photos of Klaus driving this car so I had to take the helmet and suit colours from a slot car model. Not sure how correct they are but they look OK.


• Headlight cooling vents

• Exhaust

• Missing Shell logos added

• MST variable offset wheels 3mm front, 9mm rear

• Klaus Ludwig helmet graphics

• Driver helmet visor

• Mirrors (Celica LB Turbo Gr.5)

• Towing eye

• Electric cutoff and fire extinguisher switches

• Front grille painted TS semi-gloss black

• Front light buckets (Hi-Lux / Bruiser))

• Matte window frames and roof trims

• Thin wheel nuts

• Cockpit set

• Styrene roll cage

• Brembo brake discs and callipers

• Windscreen wiper

• 3D bonnet catches (Wrap-Up Next)

• Tyre lettering

• TLU-01 LED lights

• Stealth mounts

1 LEDs and light bucketss Tow hook and no spoiler screws Low and long Interior and cage Semi gloss black grille Klaus and roll cage Lots of dish here 1 Matte black door handles Wiper and electric cutoff switches




extraordinary cool!! I LOVE it!

HornetRacer 1971


That is one Cunning Stunt Chuck! Well done! Wow!



Wow You did it again!!!



Great job! Those BBS styled 3piece rims are still amongst my favourites and timeless in my opinion.



Just when we think you can't get any better, you raise the bar again! Stunning work.






I am rapidly running out of 'favourites' space, you keep knocking beauties like this out that need to be seen over and over to appreciate the smaller details you add. Absolutely stunning! Have you seen the Zakspeed video on youtube? [Click here]



I have lost track of which of your builds are more cool than the others. All I know is that everytime you add a new model to the showroom, it is with exceptionel finish and beyond any result I will ever achieve with my builds. As you, the Capri really isn't my favourite, but with this finish it looks really good. Well done once again.



Stunning amazing work! into my fav



You really know just how to pop out the extra bit of detail on a Tamiya RC kit. Incredible stance, great details and attention to the smallest pieces that really bring it alive as usual. This may be my favorite from you yet! Never stop!!!!






fantastic built again!

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