Model: (Click to see more) 99964: SG
Status: Restored
Date: 27-Dec-2016
Comments: 1
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Finished well almost...

Rebuilt completely with a few new parts but to be fair the car was in great shape and I am restoring to run every now and then.

2x Picco P1's restored with new parts and bearings etc. SG Coyote shell. First set of tyres trued and first shell painted since 1984. New bearings throughout. Now looking for a later version Mk2....

1 SG Coyote body fitted - Picco Delta rebuilt 2

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SG Columbia Mk2



I have one Columbia MK2 RC Car never used and completed. I would like to sell it, so please if anyone is interested, send me an email, thanks. I live in Florida, USA.

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