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Date: 22-Jan-2017
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What you need for the conversion. 3 Racing FGX parts

#FGX-107- Plastic Parts Part G For 3racing Sakura. contains 2 front upright - USD 5.91

#FGX-124 Heavy Duty Wheel Axle For 3racing Sakura FGX - the shaft - USD 5.06

#BS-FGX/V1 Ball Bearing Set For 3racing Sakura FGX - or 4 QTY of 850 ball bearings (i think :-)

FGX Front knuckle is a direct fit to the DT-02 'C' Hub. But you would need to file/cut away a little excess for the Knuckle arm to have a better turning angle.

Options for Brake Disk #FGX-301/RE - Brake Disk Set For 3racing Sakura FGX

2 Left to Right Tamiya DT02, F103GT and FGX upright 1 possible to install disk brake. remove 'C' from C Hub FGX manual reference

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Thank you! This is the best article about fixed (static) axle conversion.



Awesome idea!! I thought I was going to have to resort to using TRAXX-ASS Stampede Chubs and Knuckles!! 😱😱 I try to avoid 'those' parts, but I really wanted a Hex conversion.
Is that OK with those tiny Front Bearings?

Also, what did you mean by 'remove 'C' from C Hub'??? 😫😵😵 Thank you. That was a great idea!!


You are a life saver!

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