Model: (Click to see more) 84386: Toyota Mountain Rider
Status: New built
Date: 23-Jan-2017
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Being as much into photography as I am RC, I'm very interested in how Tamiya stage and photograph their models. Much like modern box presentation without blisters, the product photography seems to have lost the uniqueness and special quality that made it so attractive back in the day. An evenly lit car on a clinical white background is the norm these days.

Looking through the old catalogues and guide books there's quite a variety of surfaces that the models are photographed on, from wooden planks, to perforated aluminium sheet and textured black acrylic. Quite often the cars are accompanied with parts, Hop-up Options or in some cases like the Bullhead, thematically relevant props like the US flag and air horns.

I'd previously shot some recreations of the King Cab and Mountaineer photos on the wood floor in my hallway, but there's not enough room to set the light up properly so a while back I bought a cheap pack of laminate flooring in order to construct a small (1.5 sq meter) 'Stage' in my spare room that I could assemble and dissasemble as needed. I put together several of the boards on top of boxes to lift it about 30cm off the floor, then used stacks of magazines to support a couple more boards for the elevated rear section. Like the origial versions of 'Toys they're not' I chose three different types of models. My Mountain Rider, Sand Blitzer and Zakspeed Capri.

The camera I used was a Canon 5D Mk3, with a Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS 2 lens. This was mounted on a tripod and set to 70mm zoom, with the aperture set at the minimum of f/32. With a DSLR you need a narrow aperture to ensure the whole scene is in focus.

A good camera helps but the key to good results with this kind of shot is lighting. You could have the best camera but if they light is poor the photo won't look good. I have a modest setup consisting of three Canon 600EX-RT remote flashes and a selection of modifiers - diffusers which soften the light.

Setup (for those interested)

• Speedlite in 60x60cm single baffled gridded softbox camera left following trajectory of the raised boards.
• Speedlite camera right firing through 110cm diffuser.
• Speedlite in 60x60cm double baffled softbox fired for multiple exposures at varying angles above the cars.
• Black fabric backdrop.

With two lights fixed I fire the third at different angles to light all the parts of the scene I want to, then combine the results in Photoshop. I can then refine further by painting areas of the shot to reveal or hide the light. Finally I crop to the guide book's square format and add the text.

2 Well, they kind of are!




Very cool! What camera did you use?



Man that is Nice...Would make a great poster !!!
Can I ask is the Zakspeed Vintage or the Re release??



Awesome picture Truck !!.
Catalogue quality for sure ,thanks for sharing !.

Crash Cramer


Looking great, my favorite old ads were the Blackfoot 'busting' out of a crate or wood of some sort and then there was the Fox on a mystic foggy rocky sort of setting. I can't recall any awesome cool HotShot photos from old adverts, but if folks want to submit theirs from the old magazines, then perhaps I need to be taken back to school.



cool and excellent! A pic of the setup and lights would be cool. just 2m away with out zoom...



Very nicely recreated! You should try it on a burl wood stage for an even more nostalgic look.

mr alan


Great shot! Love it!

Truck Norris


Thanks guys! @_miga_, I've packed this all away now but next time I will. @JYCM3, I've updated the text above with camera info. @Tamiyamandan. The Zakspeed Capri (more pics in my showroom) is from 2013 (and still produced in 2017 I believe). There's no vintage version of it, the closest is probably the Gr.5 Celica LB Turbo 58009.

Crash Cramer


Hey Dan, no offense, but forget the poster, THIS would make a great postcard, perhaps for our birthday cards, good ole Truck could send us our own birthday card. Maybe if he would share it on a photobucket or other source, we could then print and pay for it our-self. Just my mind thinking, not being selfish in the least.



Excellent rewards for knowing your stuff, if you made posters I would be ordering one without a question of a doubt, stunning image......
Well done



A pleasure for my eyes, well played, that is a stunning picture. As said before it's definitely catalogue worthy.



Great shot. Modest kit... Lol!!! Now you're being modest!!! Awesome shot nonetheless. Well done.



Very cool!



Excellent work!! A+++ nice and juicy!



Wow,very nice pic!
The Blitzer Scorcher looks awesome



Extremely nice and very professional.



Very nice! I agree, alot of the product photography has vanished.


Adrian, superb as usual. As you are in the UK as well, any chance I can bring my favourite three cars along and you photograph them as a Toys they're not poster : ) Would look great then mounted on my wall



Shot like a pro.
Thinking maybe something like the HiLux with all the detail underneath being photograghed standing on a mirror to see both sides of the coin ?

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