Model: (Click to see more) 58500: Sand Rover 2011
Status: Project
Date: 5-Mar-2017
Comments: 9
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Due to the weather, only drove around the Garden. Expecting some parts to arrive next week. will shoot some video and more photo :D this is what it's at for now. till the final finish?

the tyre were fine on this buggy, drives well! And put a smile ...on my face looking at the driver figure moves :-)

also the colours of the sleeve now blends in more with the shirt! Pic.7.

Video 1 ->

Video 2 ->

Build Thread here ->

more to come... also starting a new project :-)

1 Wish the weather was better! Rear Number Plate, Exhaust and Bumper 1 Rear view is Awesome - love the suspension 1 Ready, Set... GO! Side View, nerd bars 1 Complete with Wipers, Lights and Roll cage 2 The Colour of the Sleeves blends with the shirt! 1 Spare tires, Fuel Tank, Fuel Caps, side nerd bar! making hole into the body... 1 first coat test printing different fuel tanks. 1 fuel tank 1 steering mechanism 1 rear bumper with exhaust assembly 1 centre shifter 1 first fitting 1 hands 1 font bumper - test fitted 1 first test project kick off lol! 1 added vents?

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Absolutely stunning! Looking forward to the final finish!



This is magnificent! The animated driver is exceptional! - I've been following the build-thread and am utterly inspired!



hi can i just ask what wheels and tires you have used. thanks



Thanks guys! @k2cos those wheels and tyre are from stock 58372 Tamiya Ford F350 Hi-lift.



Great build! I've been following it on the forum and you have done an amazing job. Top-notch work on the 3D printed parts as well.


Very nice achievement!



Simply Stunning!!! 👏👏👏👏
I can't wait to go see your Build Thread. I've been a Tamiya Guy since 84, but I just joined this Club TODAY!!



what a paint job and the 3d printing work is a1 brilliant love that driver setup


Amazing build love all the details

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