Model: 58460: M06 PRO Chassis Kit
Status: How To Guide
Date: 7-Mar-2017
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For the M05 and M06 there are luckily many aftermarket gear diffs available from 3-racing, Spec-R, Top Racing and now also Yeah Racing. Only Tamiya doesnīt see the need to bring this tuning part for their Mīs, which would make life much easier in their racing series.
But surprise, Tamiya does already have everything to build such a diff for your M05/06, if you want to use Tamiya parts only on your car! A guy of RC machine Japan has managed to get this done. Unfortunately, everything is in Japan and I donīt now the comments on it, but as I had some spare parts, I was really curious to see if this is possible.
All you need is some hand tools, a TB04 oil sealed gear diff and the TA03 Pro L-parts. The mod is easy and without danger of being to unprecise in the work, if you do it in some single steps:

1. Rim the back side of the TA03 ball diff ring gear slightly with a body hole drill
2. Pop the ring gear with the now slightly conical back side onto the TB04 gear diff
3. Turn the ring gear so, that the middle of 2 diff ball holes is in line with the TB04 mounting hole for the ring gear.
4. Use a 1,6mm drill from the backside of the diff and drill through the Ta03 ring gear from the back. Make 2 or 4 holes, depending on how much screws you want to use.
5. Take of the ring gear and drill the holes with a 2mm drill for the M2 screws.
6. Assemble the diff and ring gear, and put on the 1510 bearings, if you use it in an M06.
7. If using it in an M05 Ver. 2: Grind the front side on a piece of sand paper sheet, to increase clearance in the chassis halves. (not much needed, but diff should be checked to spin freely, and not contact the wishbone buckles inside the chassis halves.
8. Enjoy your almost maintenance free and up to date M-chassis!

Ta03 Pro L-parts Body drill for backside of ring gear (with edge) Popped on the TB04 diff drill coming from behind between diff ball holes Drilled ring gear with 2mm mounting holes. Assembled gear diff Test fit in M06 gear halves, perfect! Notice the extrusions in M05 chassis halves. Sanding down ring gear for M05. Finish and smooth also in M05 Pro Ver. 2!







Good thing is also, that it saves 6gr. compared to the 3-Racing. 21gr. is the weight as displayed.



Son necesarias otras piezas, o son válidas las del m05, como los vasos y los piņones.

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