Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: How To Guide
Date: 16-Mar-2017
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the original are soooo rare and tooooooo expensive!!! so i build my own ;-)
......between listen this real nice music ;-)

hope you like it!!!!! ....i love it :-)
thank you greetings to all the' TAMIYA FANS ' out there.....cheers harry

2 first step.... .......... it`s growing ......... 1 it`s good enough ??? hope you like the inspiration... fertig :-)




Looks great! I was lucky to find some of the mirrors in a lot of parts sitting underneath all the used parts.. I thought about making some but didn't have to make one yet.. Too many projects around.. The one you made is more than good enough! 👍👍



Wow that's amazing! And looks like a lot of time to reproduce by hand! Did the original Scorcher come with aluminum mirrors?

Road Burner


Wow nice job!

Crash Cramer


HOLY WHACK A MOLE, those are GREAT, I am sure you will be fetching orders for 5 dozen of those any day now.



That is a really cool idea! Although I´m not sure what you do with the talkum and superglue? Is it to mark the shape on the aluminum?
But it´s a really top idea, thank you for sharing!



Excellent Idea. The came out really well.

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