Model: (Click to see more) 49400: Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934
Status: Real car / Reference
Date: 18-Apr-2017
Comments: 3
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Went to Autoworld in Brussels this weekend and came across this nice Vaillant Porsche.

Looking good Also from 1976, as the original Tamiya one. Another angle




Yes, please

Crash Cramer


Tamiya could make a mint if they were to reproduce those wheels with the cooling duct style spokes as a Hop Up for folks with the Tamtech version or even the vintage version. Of course they would need to make rubber to fit those 'new' wheels too. Great shots, thank you for taking them and posting them.



You're welcome. Went there to see the 1:1 Humber Super Snipe of a friend of mine when this beauty caught my eye, couldn't pass without taking some pictures with TC in mind.

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