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Status: Real car / Reference
Date: 26-Apr-2017
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Well, if you ever needed VW beetle reference for weathering a body shell, here you go. Recently I was in Austin Texas for work at the Hand-Built motorcycle show documenting the trends going on there. It is a great show put on by Revival Cycles and this was its 4th year. I was fortunate to hang out for a couple days with TC member Crash Cramer (Chris Booth) who drove in from the Houston area which was nice of him to do. It was the first time we met up in person and we both attended the show Friday night. On a cloudy Saturday after some great Texas BBQ and plans to go to a hobby store we stumbled across Austin VeeDub. Probably one of the largest collections of VW wrecks in the USA. I have dozens of more pics that would not fit here so I will post a few more on the forums. I was wanting to attend MotoGP but after our experiences Saturday I can honestly say I was satisfied. Great photos were taken and Chris and I got our fill of VW action, enjoy! scollins

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Its just photos like this I built the new site for Great stuff!



Thanks Chris! Was not sure if real car reference pictures were still legal to post as I have not seen much of them lately.



Ha! Sure are, I love them, specially when they are really well done.

Crash Cramer


It turned out to be a great cloudy Saturday after all didn't it??!! I can strike off a bucket list item with the awesome BBQ we had, yea, I am still sticker shocked as well as you are. My wife just asked me what that face I was making was all about, well, I guess I am CRASH. Can't wait to have you back, bring your family next time we will find some room for them all here in the play room or the garage full of toys.


this makes me so sad. that poor Karmann Ghia!

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