Model: (Click to see more) 99968: Xray
Status: Runner
Date: 9-May-2017
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This is my current race car for the 1:10 OR 4WD class. I also have a 2014 model. The biggest changes are:
-From saddle to shorty LiPo
-Possibility to run center diff
-New and better looking bodyshell

Plus lots of more subtle changes of course. The bare alu shocks vs black ones on the 2014 models makes it look better as well. Just love the Xray off-road cars, they're just perfect! :-)

Painted by myself as always. I've decided to stop using chrome btw as it always tends to flake off some. Good'ol silver will do just fine! :-)

Thx for looking!

At the races this year in Stockholm, Sweden 2016 in the foreground, 2014 in the background

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