Model: (Click to see more) 84164: Sand Scorcher 2010 RTR
Status: NIB
Date: 10-May-2017
Comments: 4
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I know this is old news stuff. But I got lucky recently and found a brand new Rogue Element Components Dashboard and a complete set of Rogue Rims, the rear axles, and also came with the tires. I also added knockoff wheel nuts which I like very much. Dash turned out real good and was a bit tricky to glue together. If I glued it in you would not see a light gap at the top of the dash. But I wanted to be able to remove it if I wanted so I used velcro to attach it. But all in all I think it turned out pretty nice and gave the scorcher a whole new look.

The last 2 pics are with the Rogue rims / tires.


SRB Bloke


Very nice. Rogue's gear is really nice and quality. !!
Keep up the good work.



Thanks SRB!



Nice Scorcher with rogue stuff in it. I have a couple of sets of the dash I haven't installed yet on the beetle. Also a fancy alloy chassis with it. Paint job looks great nice lines... Going to run it? 😃



Very nice!

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