Model: (Click to see more) 58050: Wild One
Status: Restored
Date: 1-Jun-2017
Comments: 4
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cleaning up & restoring my 80s Wild One.
giving it a new temporary new look with:
- black roll cage
- black side guards
- custom made logo stickers (logos are all my design, made for a wide variety of clients)

for now I kept the body as it was painted back then, just cleaned it up.
will come with total new look soon...

follow me on instagram: rc_ttamiya

vintage Wild One face lift the original 80s vintage box cover a peek inside the vintage box how it looked back in the day taking it apart... all clean and put back together cleaned the body and added custom made stickers custom made window net




Looks great buddy, The Wild One is a personal favorite



That is a good looking Wild One! Allways wanted a Wild One but ended up with a Falcon back in the days. The stickers are your design, but do you also make them yourself or is there a company that prints them for you?



@TAMIYASTEF the logos are cut with special printer out of monomeric adhesive vinyl. done myself



Nice job!

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