Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Parts
Date: 6-Aug-2017
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Hi all here's a couple of macgregor transmitters with there receivers and battery pack and servos ,found these at the booty this morning I've give them a general wipe down and they've cleaned up well ,any info on them would be appreciated also if there's anyone in the community that might be able to sort the battery's and if they could be converted to take the more modern tamiya battery packs the 5 channel has a 9.6v rechargeable battery if this could be switched as the charging connector is like the old fashioned din plug on a hi-fi !!!!!there must be someone out there who likes tinkering with electrics any help would be much appreciated let me know I'd pay for this of course thanks steve.

2 Nice colour!!! 2 5 channel!!! 2 2 channel!!! 1 Battery trays are there but are disconnected!!! 3 The 5 channel has a 9.6v Nicad help!!!!!!!

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