Model: 84383: The Hornet Black Metallic
Status: Extra info
Date: 9-Aug-2017
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In january earlier this year I started a project RC car for my work, Shapeways. Since RC cars was starting to be a big market for Shapeways, we wanted to a build video series showing people what you can do with 3D printing to modify your RC car.

Our base car would be a Tamiya Hornet, that would get the full AMPro Engineer Superfly treatment. The Superfly is the ultimate Hornet conversion created by Pintopower here on Tamiyaclub.

But before putting almost every stock Hornet part in the bin, I build the car in stock form to later show the differences between a stock Hornet and our Superfly. The kit I bought was a Black Metallic special, simply because it was a lot cheaper than the normal Hornet. I have to admit I really like the black wheels, but the blackchrome body is not my favorite.

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