Model: (Click to see more) 58368: Suzuki Swift Super 1600
Status: Project
Date: 24-Aug-2017
Comments: 4
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Another Yahoo Auctions score!

I found this M03 clear plastic chassis in a bulk of parts auctioned off on Yahoo Japan. When I got it, the chassis parts itself seemed to have never been used and it came with a bunch of upgrade parts. Lucky!!

I'm trying to build it using only Tech Racing upgrades, but I still need to find a few to complete the car.

Tamiya clear plastic chassis
Tamiya M05 clear plastic dampers
Tamiya Aluminium motor cooler
Tamiya TA03 balldiff
Tamiya front stabilizer
Tech Racing steel kingpins
Tech Racing carbon damperplate (x2)
Tech Racing batteryholder
Tech Racing steeringset (servosaver, mounts, turnbuckels and ballstuds)
Tech Racing rear axles
Tech Racing wheels & tires
Tech Racing front lower arms
Eagle Racing aluminium rear lower arms
Eagle Racing delrin/aluminium spurgear
Eagle Racing aluminium rear knuckles
Tech or Tobeecraft front&rear upperarms

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Love the clear chassis' mate.... but you'll really have to get yourself a couple of old Cirrus servos..... their clear cases would suit those down to the ground!!!



Great! I am a sucker for everything clear! What are those tyres?

@incredible_serious: There are Standard size clear servos? Shut up and take my money!!! The coolest one I got is red. And it's broken.



@Olik: as far as I know the tires are Tech Racing also. They came with the wheels when I bought them.

@I_S yeah, I'd still like some of those clear servo's aswell as the white ones from Kyosho



We really need to talk, mate..... clear and white servos...... white receiver.... all this and more lives downunder!

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