Model: (Click to see more) 99981: Traxxas
Status: NIB
Date: 14-Sep-2017
Comments: 2
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Been a while since i posted on here, a lot been going on in my life.

Decided it was time to get posting again , so here is my TRX-4.

Has a 2 speed high / low transmission, and diff locks.

Got this around 3 weeks ago, is a great crawler.

Will add some more pictures soon

Also have printed off some 3d parts for it, will be doing more.

Will add more posts etc as i mod it.

6 Side view 4 3d printed on and off switch 5 3d printed parts 3d printed snorkel cover



how much?



Cost me 469.99 GBP, i do believe the prices have gone up now to 499.99 GBP, comes RTR apart from you need transmitter battery's & a running battery. ESC will take 8.4v Nihm or 2s or 3s lipo.

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