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Date: 18-Sep-2017
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There will be the first Vintage offroad electric meeting in Langenfeld/Germany (near Cologne and Düsseldorf) on september 30th and october 1st.
There will be the following classes
80*s 2WD
80*s 4WD
90*s 2WD
90's 4WD
Youngtimer Buggy (1995-1999)
Wheelie Class
Fighter Buggy

If you'd like to know more have a look at the (german language) website
or ask in the comments.
Have a look for the Facebook-group named #VOREM2017 also
I will update this site with some pics from the event.

5 some of the cars & trucks of the meeting Modified Midtima Top-Force @ speed Super-Shot from Danmark Tiger Willy Marui Big Bear! Some cars from the Wheelie-class Clod on the move Wheelie-class mayhem




Little more than a week to go. Vintage racers from all over Germany, Danmark and Austria alteady on the list.

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