Model: 58127: Castrol Civic
Status: New built
Date: 19-Sep-2017
Comments: 2
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The next car from my collection to be photographed, my FF01.

This chassis has been built up using a brand new unused stock FF01 chassis. Initially I only added the limited edition white suspensionarms, but when I got the opportunity to buy a HPI carbon composite tub chassis I started modifying it more.

It now features the following:
HPI fibre reinforced tub chassis
Tamiya white FF01 suspension
Tamiya pink low friction dampers
Tamiya FF01 motor cooler
Tamiya FF/TA02 aluminium knuckles
Tamiya FF/TA02 universal shafts
Tamiya lightweight kingpins
Tamiya Mantaray Balldiff
Tamiya blue ballstuds
ARProducts aluminium rear bulkhead & shocktower
ARProducts aluminium rear bulkhead brace
GM Racing 3-spoke wheels
HPI Supernarrow Belted Slicks




Grappig dat je iemand herkent aan z'n chassis....haha! 😝




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