Model: (Click to see more) 58256: Juggernaut 2
Status: NIB
Date: 26-Oct-2017
Comments: 3
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Believe it or not - I found this by accident on my way to a friend´s BBQ ......

When i got stuck in a traffic jam on my way to a friend´s barbecue in a near village i took another road where i knew an old LHS .

I asked the owner if he had old Tamiyas and he showed me some NIB TA04s, TT01s and a new built Pumpkin ( which will never be for sale as he built it together with his son ). Nice but not really my thing. But when i wanted to leave the shop i saw a Juggernaut 2 box standing upright on the floor with 2 other boxes on it. Of course my heartbeat started to rise !!!

He told me it was reserved for a customer for a couple of years but the guy never had enough money to buy it. Then he stored it for some more years in his loft and just pulled it out some weeks ago for putting it on the floor ! First he didn´t want to part with as it already had gained sentimental value for him over the many years, but we struck a nice deal and now i have a very nice addition to my collection.

Kit is complete, cardboard inserts were opened and box colours are slighty faded over the years but I don´t care about these flaws - i´m very happy !!!!!

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Amazing score. Why don't we have some shops like that in Denmark! Love the look of the Juggernauts. Saw one go for 899 ‚¬ on Tamico recently, so it was out of my league.



what a nice find



Very nice - you are making us dream of entering one time as well a hobby store and find such gems....

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