Model: (Click to see more) 84400: Dark Impact White Version
Status: New built
Date: 30-Oct-2017
Comments: 3
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I like models with a special look and in my opinion the Dark Impact
white edition is such a case.
But I did not like the black ball joints - somehow for me they broke the optics - so
I've replaced only the cardans are in black...

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Great idea



Nice! What ballends did you use? I couldn't find any 5mm in white. I used to have a bunch of Yokomo white ballends for 4.3mm ballstuds, but I didn't feel like replacing all the studs too. Now I ordered some from the HPI Blitz ESE but they are not perfectly white.

Basicly... I'm still looking for the perfect white ballends for Tamiya's.



Thanks for the feedback and the expert question: unfortunately you've got it right.
I've used Yokomo ballends and started exchanging some studs a well - but I found out,
that at least for non-runner purposes this is not really necessary - with a nice fitting set
of pliers they can be attached as well to the 5mm balls...This was a 'lesson' I've learnt from
Helicopter tuning: When applying a gentle pressure to the ballends the material
adapts a bit to the balls - and so the suspension arms are moving smoothly...
ESE is a good idea - had one as well - but they are really not shiny...

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