Model: (Click to see more) 58618: Monster Beetle 2015
Status: NIB
Date: 14-Nov-2017
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Here's my new rendition of the Monster Bettle after sitting for the past year without the body.

Bought a Wild Willy driver, just because they had it in the hobby shelf, didn't know what he was going to be driving, and did the same with the tires and wheels...just because they looked aggressive.....and long and behold.....The Monster Willy Beetle....

And just because Willy is driving, oversized side mirrors and a Jerry (spell check) can in between the mufflers, Why Not??😏

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I really like those wheels and tires. They do add some aggression to the look! Did they fit straight on or did you need to modify them?



I had to add the front hex adapters and a spacer in the front and the Tamiya rear hex adapters.

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