Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: NIB
Date: 20-Nov-2017
Comments: 2
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My 9 NIB kit re-re which are my prefered vintage tamiya buggies models finally together. I want to see them running !!
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Excellent collection. I love the rere buggies, and have a fair share of these myself. Primarely collecting buggies, this is a great way for us to build these, without selling the house.



You're right..Completely agree with this. Even if they are 're-re', opening the kits and checking the parts makes me reminding when I received my first tamiya rc buggy as a teen (30 years ago)...Even the smell is the same when you open the box. ..I can't wait to start building !!! I wish you a great time building yours too ...

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