Model: (Click to see more) 58007: Lamborghini Cheetah
Status: NIB
Date: 25-Nov-2017
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Cheetah NIB & another very rare kit with under 17 on this TC site compared to the common XR311! This is a Japanese early version with a MINT outer box super strong & bright non faded box art colours plus internals & blisters are MINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tamiya's second 'off road' style car - heavily based on the XR-311 which was Tamiya's 4th car.

Obvious differences are the body - however there was an 'upgrade' to this car. The 2-step speed control was changed to a more variable speed one with brake - much the same as we see on the Sand Rover.

The wheels and tyres were also different. Chassis is the same, but assembled with slightly shorter wheelbase than the XR311.

Torsion bar suspension was very fragile - as was basically the whole car. Steering was to say the least 'indirect'. As a result of this the car was very unstable and hard to control.

The saving grace, as with just about all tamiya cars, was the tremendous realism incorporated into the styling of the body - and the general look of the car.

A nice one to have in the collection if you can find one it's now 2017 & they are like looking for a needle in a haystack !

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Dare you build it!



Yet another fantastic time capsule find.....

Crash Cramer


That is a great set of photos, great for reference and I like the fact that Tamiya point out it is a SCALE MODEL SUITABLE FOR REMOTE CONTROL versus stating it is a remote control model. I know of a poorly listed running chassis of a Cheetah that sold to another TC member a week or so ago, sure can't wait to see what he does with it when he is done rebuilding it.



I have an assembled Lamborghini Cheetah. I built it in 1983 and it has been stored since then. It is missing the battery pack, but the care is otherwise in good shape. It also has a Futaba Digital Proportional Radio Control System. FP-T2L with associated receiver and servos. I would like to find someone who will give it a good home. I have pictures if interested.

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