Model: (Click to see more) 56344: Grand Hauler
Status: NIB
Date: 17-Dec-2017
Comments: 2
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So I picked this up about a month ago, has been sitting in the back of my pick up since as I hadn't told the missus I had ordered myself another truck for xmas. I bought a fuel trailer a while ago and the missus asked why i needed another trailer if I didn't have as many trucks, and was I going to sell one of the other trailers as the fuel tanker was for my Globe Liner. Long story short, she KNEW and had cottoned on to the fact that another truck wouldn't be far behind. It was either this or the King hauler, and while I like classic trucks more, the extras in the Grand Hauler kit outweighed me picking the King. Still undecided what I am going to do with it, I wanted to paint it TS-89 Pearl Blue but the Distributor doesn't have any in stock. I am thinking of cutting the sleeper off and adding a third axle, but will see if the MFC-01 can be squeezed into a daycab first... looking to build it over the holidays. Big thanks to my LHS, Steve at Bay Hobby Supplies for the sweet deal.

3 1 STILL not finished... meant to be two tone




Hey Neil... sounds like your missus and mine have a lot in common lol. Nice truck btw.



Hey Gav! Yeah they can see through all the BS stories I think! Hope you are well mate, and thanks!

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