Model: (Click to see more) 58268: Mammoth Dump Truck
Status: Restored
Date: 18-Dec-2017
Comments: 3
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I like these pairs that fit together...Only question is: Shall I buy the wheelie edition ?

It's quite some fun to run these in the garden - the Mammoth was an ebay find a while ago, but it needed
some work to make it run -in fact the motor for the lifting needed to be changed (I used
a Graupner Speed 300 7.2V) and it needed a lot of attention to make the lifting mechanism work
w/o problems...The lights cabling is as well quite chaotic...
I've decided to use my Spektrum 8 RC from helicopter flying for this model as I did not like the mixing
of steering and lifting - I'm offering commercial consulting if you need help with this - as I forgot already
what I did ;-) - but it was quite some work...




Id love to see those running



Very nice, always wanted one of these! Yours looks amazing



Thanks for the comments - it's is indeed nice to run it in the garden. We once as well tried it on our big local race track:
Who runs the fastest lap incl. beer delivery? While 4WD can do a lap in 28 s, the Mammoth required 1:36...
I only have to avoid thinking of the fact, that Conrad Electronics offered this once for sale at200EUR - of course
I did not buy it then, but only when I wanted it later...ata higher price and with some electronic problems, which are now

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