Model: (Click to see more) 58627: Mitsubishi Pajero Black Special
Status: Runner
Date: 22-Dec-2017
Comments: 4
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Tarmac runner.
Full ball bearings
Open diffs
Steel 20t pinion
Kit 540 motor
Pre-painted body and black chromed parts as shown
Left off spare wheel cover, never liked them!

I shall trim the body mounts after road testing - DONE!

UPDATE 3/01/2018
Found pic of rear diff setup so added to pics
850 brass bushings replace the kit plastic spacers on the ends
and a 1150 with an 850 brass bushing near the diff limits any backlash on the gears, perfect!😁

Trimmed body posts 1 Note brass bushing additions, important!


SRB Bloke


Nice work
Sweet ride



Nice one! Looks great buddy!



runs really well as a lowrider on tarmac



Great Paj ! With the diff lock and drift tyres it could even become a sideways CC01. So versatile aren't they, off-road, on-road, drift, slow, fast.... you can do just about anything with them.

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