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Status: Project
Date: 28-Dec-2017
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This is my December 2017 Competition entry, my War Rig. Why is it special ?

It's a scratch build, it's one of a kind, and it's taken 2 years so far to get it this far (Maybe another year to go). It's probably the biggest 1/10 model on tamiyaclub at 8ft long, with 28 wheels. It's special to me because of the help I've received from friends, work colleagues, and members on TC with progressing the build, and it is likely that it will be my final full on scratch built model.
The spec is pretty good too.
It's got 6 wheel drive, all steel gears, realistic independent suspension, laid down front shocks, twin servo steering, fully ballraced, saddle pack battery layout, alloy wheels (all 28 of them) steel chassis rails, the trailer is constructed like an aircraft fuselage with thick aluminium ribs covered in a thin aluminium skin.
Needing big power I didn't use silver cans, I didn't use a 1/10 brushless motor, I didn't use a 1/8 brushless motor, I used a turnigy 5674 2400Watt 1000KV brushless motor you would normally find power a model ship, and the topped it off with 6S LiPo power.


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War Rig


SRB Bloke


Awesome....... I've been following your build on the forum, from the beginning. Your metalwork skills are amazing. Looking great and can't wait to see it finished, with a great video hopefully.



it is truely an awesome build!



Looks like a scene from the Mad Max movie....very nice!



Wow, crazy good project - looks impressive man! What a size! You came closer and closer to the Mad Max original rig - such crrations are pure art for my point of view! All the best for the competition!

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