Model: (Click to see more) 99961: HPI
Status: New built
Date: 14-Jan-2018
Comments: 5
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This was my first attempt at a custom car. I've always loved the older datsun/Nissan Z, and really loved the Bob Sharp versions, so I decided to try one. The paint is ok, but I wasn't very smart at making curved lines, so the front could be way better.....but I still like it....

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This is indeed a sharp looking Z, in both senses of the word Well done



Looks the poodles plums buddy I really like this a lot . Great work. Cheers Paul



Really like the Datsun also, your paint scheme is super. I'd like one on a Racing Master Chassis like my Can Am Lola but difficult to find. Yours is a really smart example - well done and Enjoy

Crash Cramer


That does look awesome, where did you source the decals??? Aren't those Newman's numbers?? Great looking car, always, will go down in history as a favorite of mine. Where in the US do you live, would like to put you on the map to come visit.

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