Model: 99997: Marui
Status: Runner
Date: 24-Jan-2018
Comments: 3
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The Marui weeks are continuing.
Here the Marui Coors - for a time when no real touring car call existed a revolutionary design. Originally it came
with slicks and spike tires - the ride high was adjustable via the rods I put into the pictures. The ESC was as
well quite special and I like as well the transmitter I have for it - for that times it was a real pro model with
asymmetric control option and Servo Reverse...

The usual question for me is: Leave it like it is or shall I try to make it red ?


No Slack


Do I see the legendary Conrad motor? Be careful, if it is the real thing this motor is the most powerful ever made.



Cool man!



Thanks a lot for the comments. I was not aware, that the motor might be special. How can I decide if it is ? What makes it special please ? When you write most powerful motor ever made you are referring to the old times, or ? I mean most new brushed motors should have more power, or ? Maybe I should create a showroom entry of my brushed motors soon...

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