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Status: Extra info
Date: 7-Feb-2018
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A few images from the first show of 2018

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SRB Bloke


It must be taking you guys longer and longer to set up as, every time you post these pics its slightly bigger with more detail.
Keep up the good work.



I wish I was there!!


Oh, a company called AYIMAT which does model cars? Funny!

Just kidding, but on Pic1 i realised the first time that Tamiya is really a symmetric name : )



That looks excellent! Wish I had been there although probably not a good idea for me as I only finished my trailer build this week and have quickly discovered I am pretty awful at maneuvers with the trailer attached, my first go at rear parking I ended up jack knifed in my hallway and teh foot of god had to lend a hand.

HornetRacer 1971


If I win the lottery I will have something like this built on my property lol....Plus a car a a dirt track for buggies.....oh and plus a full size car track for me to race real

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