Model: (Click to see more) 58600: TT-02 Type S Chassis Kit
Status: Runner
Date: 13-Feb-2018
Comments: 4
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This car was built for an upcoming race-series in Germany called GT-Sport, based on TT.01/02 chassis and 17,5T motors.
The intend was, to lower the cost of racing, so this TT-bathtub-class was created with quite some great reactions.
GT bodies are a must. So we should see some very nice cars at the races

My 'S' was built using some Yeah racing goodies such as shocks, TRF416 suspension-parts, servo-horn, driveshaft and motor-holder. I used a set of old Yokomo YR-4 driveshafts. Steering-parts are from TT-01E

Body is the new NSX by Tamiya. Wing by HPI
Speedo is a Toro 120A
Servo is a HGM SLPro by GM Racing
Motor is a Dash 17,5 Spec Motor @90/46 = approx. 5:1 ratio
Batteries by Gens Ace

Follow the GT-Sport racing series @

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Love the layout and the back window decal!



Absoulty great love it!! - keep on racing!


I'm driving a TT-02R with a 17.5T and the car is very competitive. I've designed a wire bridge to route the motor wires above the center shaft while the center shaft goes through the wire bridge. It even has a movable range of 4mm and it looks great



I didn €˜t want a wire bridge but routed the wires through a hole in the bracket under the driveshaft. Looks neat



Cool looking bathtub racer, like your body and color choice Joerg!
I ´m a great believer of the 'TT' bathtub race classes, as I run in our local championship since 2005 with my TT01. Great and close racing, driving with beginners and old champions. We have probably the lowest tuning level available, to hold cost even more down. So no TT02 S for us, only std. TT01/E and TT02, only a few tuning parts. Next year, we will launch a new era and switch to brushless finally. If you ´re interested for info, check out our website I wish you all the best success for the GT Racing series idea and for the already cool youngtimer-series.
Greets, Matthias

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