Model: (Click to see more) 58441: Buggy Champ 2009
Status: Extra info
Date: 21-Feb-2018
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This has been the longest build in my collection (over three and a half years!), but it is now 99% finished, so it's time to update my showroom.

February 2018 - showroom update:

Status: update of existing new-build

Name: SRB Cage Racer

Chassis: SRB suspension on custom alloy chassis plate

Body: Vaterra Twin Hammers cage (modified) with alloy panels and custom roof

To recap (please see SRB Cage Racer part 1 - 3 in the 'extra info' section of my showroom), I wanted to build what I considered my 'Ultimate SRB' - using a new 2009 Buggy Champ/Rough Rider kit as the donor for the running gear, combined with a custom aluminium chassis that in turn allowed me to mount a [modified] Vaterra Twin Hammers cage to it, effectively creating a two-seater sand-rail style SCORE buggy.

I also wanted use as many scale details and 'real' (ie. metal) components possible - ideally so I could leave it unpainted and show off the raw materials, while at the same time having it finished as if it were a real race buggy.

Scale details include a set of aluminium body panels for the cage, the OME (Old Man Emu) scale shocks, Method Roost wheels (mounted with Locked-Up RC alloy hubs and scale wheel-nuts), BF Goodrich tyres, PIAA branded lights, Corbeau bucket seats, and proper scale 4-point harness seat-belts... and not least a scale VW flat-four engine from Knight Customs (Toykid here on Tamiya Club), painted and detailed with HT leads and custom air-filter pods.

The driver is a Kelly Osbourne figure, modified to sit in the Axial seat and held in place with the seat-belt harness (and is therefore removable if required). Her right arm actually moves with the steering too*! Her helmet is from a Blitzer Beetle (ie. Sand Scorcher) driver, cut and shaped to fit her head, and her glasses were borrowed from her brother Jack.

*Video here:

There is a detailed thread in the Builds section on the forum showing the evolution from the original inception, and how ultimately the various custom and modified parts went together.

One fundamental element I wanted to retain was the ability to use a traditional 6-cell stick-pack battery when running, and this has been achieved by mounting it horizontally behind the seats (along with the ESC) under a custom rear deck/cover.

I consider the physical build finished now - the only thing/s I'd like to add are some decals (still deciding, but something Tamiya/SRB themed for sure - race numbers and sponsor stickers), plus wire up the head and tail lights with LEDs.

I hate to think how much this has actually cost to build over the years, but personally, I think it has been worth it... I hope you do too!

3 SRB running gear and Twin Hammers cage 4 alloy body panels and custom alloy chassis 5 Vanquish aluminium wheels and Tamiya BFG tyres 3 Because it's a heavy metal 'Hammer... 2 Knight Customs scale engine 3 folded chassis to include rear inner arches 3 Axial 18mm headlamps 3 carbon fibre effect roof panel 3 RC4WD steel spare wheel 3 customised Krazy Kelly driver 4 left arm moves with steering 2 scale seatbelts and Axial Corbeau seats 2 twin OME shocks at rear 4 Jack with a jack... battery cover, covered in carbon-fibre vinyl scale acorn nuts custom spinner red rear lenses custom alloy chassis 1 just 4 screws to completely remove body

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That one pretty cool build! Very nice!



Cool indeed! Brilliant!!!



That is amazing!!! Great idea and work!!

Mr duke


oh wow this looks awesome well done in deed



Love the details!!



Amazing, love it!!



Awesome build, superb mix of parts en techniques!



Brilliant build & worth every cent.



Awwwwsome, what a work !!! love it



Magnificent. Truly magnificent. Wish Tamiya would release this .

No Slack


Amazing. This SRB is so nice.



Noice, very noice.



You are really talented,,, my hat is off to you, A++++



Stunning, just absolutely stunning.



This looks fantastic! Brilliant attention to detail. It's like an SRB EXO.



Wow!! Awesome. This is one very cool car! Every detail is spot on. I love it! Very well done!
Still on my list too build something like this too…. someday. This will definitely be one of the examples for that.



Friggin' awesome mate!!! Added to favorites!

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