Model: (Click to see more) 58211: Rover Mini Cooper Racing
Status: Runner
Date: 24-Feb-2018
Comments: 5
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For those that like Scalextric, you will understand why I've painted it like this.
Body is made by Rcondesign and is sitting on a M03 chassis.

Comments welcome.

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HornetRacer 1971


Fabulous!!! I nearly bought a real 1275GT in 1988 lol



Great work buddy Takes me back to the very early 80s using my scalextric set in my bedroom making jumps for the ministo see how far we could make them jump . Your car looks the poodles plums, with plenty of detail, great colour choice too. Will you run this? Cheers Paul



Very cool and very nice looking car.



Beautiful detailing, looks great!



Man, that is so cool. When I saw the picture before reading the description, I thought 'That looks just like a Scalextric car!'. I had 2 Scalextric Mini's as a kid, a Red one with a white checkered roof and a Blue 'Mad Hatter' banger racer that you could spin around on the bends and go back the other way around the track.

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