Model: (Click to see more) 58252: Biltzer Beetle Chrome Edition (Ltd. Ed.)
Status: NIB
Date: 16-Mar-2018
Comments: 5
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Completely missed the original release of this one which made me sad. I owned a Stadium Blitzer once together with these TR-15T wheels and tires with the plan to put those on. Never painted the Stadium Blitzer and ended up selling it.

When I now got the chance to buy this NIB rarity I wasn't in doubt for long. Has a Tamiya seal on the box and has the manual of the Blitzer Beetle with a seperate sheet for the specific front axles, the wheels and tires and instructions for the Chrome Metallic Special decals.

1 Nice looking buggy 1 Box 1 Box 1 Box 4 Box 4 Inside the box 3 All the plastics 1 All the bling together 1 The hardware 1 Paperwork 1 Model specific decals 1 Tamiya exlusiv-garantie 288695

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Couldn^t decide on the color... SOLD




It's a bloody Beetle, what more is there to say? For some reason I have grown a taste for these Bugs!



Did you ever build this mate? I would of been very tempted lol! Don't see many built or at all anymore to be fair but what a beautiful buggy to look at!



This one was bought not to build. Was tempted several times but it's still NIB, and still for sale because I'm not a NIB kinda guy. I like to build, drive, repair, modify and drive some more.



Yeah agree buddy l dont see much in NIBs either! Yeah maybe if l was a very very rich man l would collect a few but l really like to see cars built and at least on display and its a little bit of a crime never to run them in their life time! Kinda sad and a disrespect to the kit! But do get why some cars end up spending their life in a box because of the growing in value thing or to recoup an investment or make money on the investment and l surpose some folk must enjoy NIBs collecting and its as simple as that? but hell to that lol l would just build them all if l was a major collector!! Bring them kits to life!!! Haha! I even built all my tamiya junior 1:32 scale kits! Great stuff mate cheers James.

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