Model: (Click to see more) 58072: Avante
Status: Project
Date: 2-Apr-2018
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It's been a long time since I was last on the site, had so much to do and the collection was put on hold for some time as a result. But its good to be back with another model to add and share.

This is a vintage 1988 Avante with its completed body all painted up and finally finished. The total display shows the EX range battery and charger along with an original spare vintage body parts set. There is a complete set of vintage tyres which took a long time to source! These just don't pop up very othen, I think from the first pack I sourced it was a good two years before I found the second pack. There is too a near mint example of the Tamiya 88 catalogue. It's been a long time in the completing stage with a lot of that down to me being a bit slack but we are there now! I hope you guys injoy the pics and keep up all the good work when it comes to all these fantastic rc models.

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Just lovely!



Sweet sweet sweet!!!!



Great collection. Love the Avante and also like your way of collecting!



Hi Guys, thank you for the comments it's great to get feedback.



Fantastic collection of avante stuff.. Nice to see all the period correct items all in one place. 😃😃

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