Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 10-Apr-2018
Comments: 3
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Hi, here is some pics of my freshly finished Corvette C2 Stingray body. To give it a more retro look i attempt to paint it in Tamiya Champagne gold PS-48 , here is the result. This one is for the shelf, the red is the runner one. thanks.

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Very nice work with the PS-48, mate..... not the easiest rattle-can paint to work with, but when it works, as it does here, it looks awe-inspiring! Great stuff.



Wow , very nice job, and nice kit, ilove kyosho nostaligic



Looks really good in that color. Considering what the 1:1 car is worth now, this is about as close as most of us will get. Really nice car!

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