Model: (Click to see more) 99984: Nichimo
Status: Restored
Date: 16-Apr-2018
Comments: 4
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I like these three cars: The Sprit FF, Frontwheel drive, and the Exceed and Midship with 4WD, 4WS and 3 diffs!
Really innovative cars, actually I was considering to run them, but the plastic is so bad, that I retired this
idea - I think they would not survive long - but their look is just great - a bit different...
Only question is: Should I as well get a Vantage and the Luminous ? ;-)





That's a special trio, never saw one of these before. Or heard about the Nichimo brand. It was all Kyosho, Tamiya and Schumacher back in those days. (and the odd Marui)



Nice trio i have both of them, but i am restoring the midships, very hard to find decals or body ! you need to have the Vantage i had it and is very nice too



Wow !!, That's a very special collection. Great to these three Nichimo's
I had a Spirit FF once myself, must have been 1989 or something. Loved it! Was really fast too!



Thanks a lot for your comments - feels very rewarding that you are as well seeing the speciality in these...Seems I need to watch out for a Luminous and a Vantage...grateful to hear of good opportunities

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